Tips on how to apply teeth whitening for better results

There is nothing more embarrassing than to appear for an interview with yellow or stained teeth. A stained tooth is very common and even if you maintain good oral hygiene, you may get stains due to coffee, wine and smoking. So, you need to remove the stains as multiple normal brushing will not be able to make your teeth white. For keeping your teeth the way they should be, you must know how to apply teeth whitening and start using teeth cleaners for making your teeth brighter.

Here are some tips on how to apply teeth whitening effectively

  1. Basic requirement

The stain removal products work well on cleaned teeth only. You must brush and floss your teeth so that no food particles are present between teeth prior to using any teeth bleaching product.

  1. How to apply teeth whitening trays

The teeth whitening trays come with a supply of whitening syringes containing gel. You should not put too much of the gel in a tray. Due to the temperature in your mouth the gel will melt and it flows out of the tray producing much salivation and discomfort in the mouth and you will need to dab it with soft tissue or towel. The right way is to apply quarter of a syringe for each of the upper and lower trays. Generally, people only see the outside of your teeth and for clearing this, put one small dot on the outside areas of the trays. Just scribble the drop with tip in case you want to bleach the entire surface of your teeth and wear the tray. For whitening the inside of your teeth, apply the gel on the part that comes in contact with the inside of the teeth as before. You can also put the gel on the entire surface for cleaning the corners and arches. Remove the tray after around 30 minutes or so and then remove it and clean your mouth brushing and swilling with water.

  1. How to apply teeth whitening strips

Using teeth whitening strips is an easy and convenient way to bleach your teeth. Wait for 10 minutes after you have cleaned your teeth. Each packet contains two strips; the shorter one for the bottom and the longer one for your top teeth. Stand in front of mirror; hold the bottom strip with the index and thumb of both hands and place the sticky side of the strip on your lower teeth taking care to avoid the gum line. Press it firmly on the lower teeth with your finger and then fold it over to touch the inner of your lower teeth and press. Next, take the larger strip and fix it on your upper teeth in exactly the same way as you have done. Now wait for 30 minutes and remove. Wash your mouth for whiter teeth.

  1. Applying activated charcoal

Activated charcoal also cleans stains on your teeth. This can be applied in two ways. Take toothpaste on a brush and put the brush in the bag containing activated charcoal powder. A lot of charcoal will adhere to the brush. Now, brush your teeth for 2 to 3 minutes and rinse your mouth for getting whiter teeth. Alternatively, you may brush with your tooth first, and then take out some activated charcoal by dipping the brush in it and apply the same on your teeth. Wear mouth trays for 5 minutes and remove. Wash your mouth to make your teeth shining.

Recommended teeth whitening product

Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips Dental Whitening Kit, 20 Treatments

Considering how to apply teeth whitening products, this teeth whitening kit from Crest offer a complete solution with professional level teeth whitening results. The kit has strips, for 20 treatments, coated with whitening gel that can match the shape of your teeth. It contains acrylates copolymer, hydrogen peroxide, PVP, PEG-8, sodium hydroxide, sodium saccharin and water. Hydrogen peroxide and sodium hydroxide act as bleaching agent and PVP, PEG-8 & the copolymer help to hold it in place. You may talk and drink water while applying it. The strips are very thin and flexible making these very convenient to use. While most of the products available for teeth whitening remove the surface stains, it removes even the toughest 14 years stain quickly and effectively. Just peel a strip; apply on the teeth and leave for 30 minutes only for removing stains with noticeable result after application and a bright shiny smile in 20 days. However, this does not whiten dentures, and other artificial dental works. This is a safe product offering professional whitening at low cost.

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