Teeth whitening cost for various teeth whitening methods

Teeth whitening is a professional process to make teeth look dazzling. If you are considering having your teeth whitening, then the best choice for you is a professional solution. There are plenty of other home treatments for making your teeth look whiter than prior. But if you want faster result then an expert solution is the best option for you. Here in this post you will get to know Teeth whitening cost of different teeth whitening procedures.

There is a broad range of Teeth whitening cost and products available, but most of these treatments incorporate hazardous materials for teeth, which is not good for the health of your teeth afterward.  There is a lot of trickiness regarding teeth whitening process, so you need to do proper research before you decide to buy or go for any teeth whitening method.

In this post you are going to get all answers regarding teeth whitening process, mainly the individual costs of different methods

How much the teeth whitening cost?

Home procedures are the most reasonable. Among DIY products you will get gel, trays, kits and strips. These kits can cost from £10 to £200. The kinds of toothpaste can be little pricey, but the whitening process is prolonged.  Laser teeth whitening cost is the most expensive one.

On the other hand, professional teeth whitening can cost depending on the type of process. You can choose between at home remedies or professional treatment. If you decide to go for home remedies, your dentist will give a set of teeth bleaching kit in which peroxide gels will be incorporated. You doctor will fit the tray at your teeth, and will prescribe you the gel, which you need to put inside the tray periodically.

At doctor’s office, the dentist will apply high concentrated peroxide gel on your teeth and may or may not apply laser on it to hasten the whitening process. The cost varies from £200 to £1,300, depending on the process and the material that the doctor is using.

So, let’s start with a deeper understanding of how teeth whitening works and what are the fundamental difference between intrinsic and extrinsic tooth yellowing and discolouration.

Difference between different teeth stains

There are mainly two categories of teeth discolouration: Intrinsic and Extrinsic.


The intrinsic cause of discoloration is because of exposed dentine. Dentine is naturally yellowish, and the enamel is whitish. But due to certain food habit the enamel gets damaged, the yellowish part gets exposed, so the inner yellowish dentin becomes visible.

Some common causes are

Dental fluorosis, antibiotic exposure and tooth trauma.

Now comes the extrinsic

Enamel staining is called extrinsic teeth discolouration. Enamel discoloration happens because of excessive caffeine, nicotine and alcohol consumption.

Another issue is age

With age our teeth tend to get yellow because of the yellow dentin gets exposed.

What are some of my teeth whitening process?

There so many teeth whitening process and all of them can be categorized in three general groupings. But before you decide to go through any teeth whitening process, have a detailed talk to your dentist about all the available options. Teeth whitening before and after effects are impressive after you go through any of these procedures

The first most convenient and safest option is whitening toothpaste, all toothpaste remove surface stains, through an abrasive process, but the process is mild, and the function is only to scrub the upper surface of your teeth.  But before you buy an OTC product, especially toothpaste, make sure that there is an ADA seal is on the product. ADA seal can only be seen on products that are safe for the whitening process. These kinds of toothpaste can bring effective whitening. These have some polishing and chemical agent to provide effective stain removal from your teeth. Teeth whitening before and after effect are visibly clear with using whitening toothpastes.

Doctor’s office bleaching

For the bleaching process, the dentist will apply a gel and then use a laser of your teeth to make the gel work instantly and make your teeth whiter than ever. For this process, you need to visit the doctor’s office only once. This process involves bleaching your teeth. In this process the doctor will apply protective gel on your teeth and gum and will whiten the teeth, a laser can be used just to enhance the process. Laser teeth whitening cost is the most concern part of anyone who is going for bleaching. Check with your doctor at first regarding the costing of the process.

At-home bleaching

Numerous gels, teeth bleaching kit, and strips are available over the counter to assist you to remove the stain. These all contained peroxide and other whitening ingredients which will bleach your teeth. The peroxide contents will be placed inside the fitted tray. The gel can be incorporated with strips, and you can use those pieces to get rid of yellow stains without visiting a doctor’s clinic. Teeth whitening cost is minimal for this process.

End Talk

While there are plenty of teeth whitening process, each one is different, so your dentist will help you to decide which one you want to choose but some homework and prior research on various whitening processes are advised.

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