How to fix yellow teeth at home

Are you hiding your teeth while you are smiling in any social gathering or any occasion? Are you feeling shy to talk to the people around you? Then you are certainly suffering from the teeth related issues and a foul smell in your mouth. You may also have a problem of yellow or brown teeth. Know how to fix yellow teeth to end your problems.

Yellowing or browning of the teeth occurs when we do not clean our teeth on the regular basis. We need to brush your teeth on the regular basis for how to get rid of yellow teeth overnight. Yellowing of the teeth occurs when we do not wash our teeth after having a meal. After the meal the biotic components gets stick to our teeth and it changes the color of the teeth gradually.

Browning of the teeth occurs when we consume coffee on a regular basis and frequently. Added to the consumption of coffee, smoking or chewing of tobacco can also be the cause of brown stains on the teeth. How to get rid of yellow teeth overnight issues are very serious and it is needed to look after these issues.

For the cleaning of the stains of the teeth there are many kind of solution available. Some of the solutions of how to fix yellow teeth are by using the chemical products and some of them are by using natural or herbal products. For the teeth whitening purposes, people use the gel quite effectively and some products which have hydrogen peroxide component in them. But while using these components it is very much necessary to take the prior advice from the dentist because excessive use of the hydrogen peroxide can cause other health related issues.

Some solutions of how to fix yellow teeth

Apple cider vinegar

You can make pastes using the apple cider vinegar at home. Apple cider vinegar is very much common as it is available in the grocery stores quite easily. You can use 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with one tablespoon of baking soda and consume it to make a healthy component which can help you how to make teeth white naturally from yellow. How to make teeth white naturally from yellow result is not instantaneous but with prolonged use you can see the effect on your teeth and get rid of the stains on your teeth.

Apple cider vinegar is also known to be used for how to fix yellow teeth related issues. It has a sound effect on the blood pressure and the allergies of your body. You can also use it to reduce the pain from sinus.

Use of the Hydrogen peroxide

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You will find many pastes in the market which use the hydrogen peroxide extensively for how to whiten teeth at home in one day. All the components of how to whiten teeth at home in one day contain 3 to 3.5 % of hydrogen peroxide and are known to clean your teeth in a very short period. Teeth whitening trays are available in the pharmacy stores which are known to make your teeth whit within a period of one month. Teeth whitening trays are known to contain the hydrogen peroxide and the dentists generally fix these trays on your teeth to make them white.

Some of the trays which contain about 25 to 30% of hydrogen peroxide can clean all the stains from your teeth with a regular usage of three times a day. But the excessive use of this compound can cause other health related issues and also affects the teeth of the person which are prone to sensitivity. Dentists generally mold the tray and fix them on the teeth of a person and these trays can be fitted in any kind of teeth arrangement structure.

People who face problem with the use of the tray can also use the strips and keep them beneath the gum to whiten their teeth. Strips are known to be quite effective for those persons who have sensitive teeth. Gels which we use for the teeth whitening problems also contain hydrogen peroxide in them.

Use of charcoal

Some may think that how can charcoal be helpful for cleaning your teeth. Activated charcoals are known to cure the food poisoning problems, but some may ask how it can clean your teeth. Activated charcoal is a good absorbent and it is known to absorb the entire toxin and pass easily with the digestive system. If you are suffering from food poisoning then you can get the remedy within two hours with the use of the activated charcoal.

You need the dip your toothbrush in the charcoal for some time and then quickly transfer the charcoal covered toothbrush to your mouth. You will get amazing clean teeth after brushing smoothly for just two minutes. But after using the charcoal you need to clean your mouth fully so that the charcoal does not take a toll on your health.

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