How To Apply Teeth Whitening Strips – Know The Process

With the growing years you may find your teeth are not looking as vibrant and white as it used to be. But that is not a real big deal as it might happen due to a good number of reasons. Some of those reasons are like drinking some particular types of beverages like tea or wine, inadequate oral hygiene etc. However, usage whitening strips can surely bring some shining back to your teeth. Applying teeth whitening strips are known to be one of the most convenient methods of whitening your teeth. You can do it all by yourself without paying a visit to the dentist. But before giving it a go, it would be better if you consider going through the simple step-by-step procedure of how to apply teeth whitening strips.

Guidelines of how to apply teeth whitening strips:

To start with the process on how to apply teeth whitening strips, here is the link of a video that you help you more on this:

Go through the instruction manual carefully

First of all, read the instruction manual carefully provided with the pack of whitening strips. Although most of the teeth whitening strips come up with the same sorts of applying procedure, some of the newest brands available in the market might differ a bit in this regard. So, even if you have used it before, it would be wise if you give it at least a glance to make sure you are on the money.

Brush the teeth

It can be suggested that you brush your teeth once half an hour before applying the strips. The reason being there might be some food particles or bacteria still remaining on your teeth which can get trapped under the whitening strip. Another reason is brushing properly can help you eliminate any plaque which may obstruct the strip to whiten the teeth.

Get the strips prepared

Now it is time for you to get the whitening strips prepared. Before applying the strips, just make sure once that you are going for the appropriate location. Some whitening strips pack comes up with specially made strips dedicated for using on upper row or bottom row of the teeth. If you find any gel type content on any side then that part is the one that needs to stay in contact with the teeth. Similarly, the smooth side of the strip has to be remained outside.


Just as mentioned earlier, apply the correct side of the strip on your teeth gently. It is must to know the correct procedure to apply whitening strips in order to get the best results. Make sure the whitening agent is in contact with the teeth properly and there is no space left uncovered. Few things you need to be sure of prior to applying:

  • Dry the shell of teeth using a towel or a napkin before you apply whitening strips to have a better effect.
  • Cover your teeth entirely without leaving any area to get similar whitening effect evenly
  • Don’t let the whitening strips reach and coat your gums to avoid irritation
  • You can use tooth brush to smoothen the strip (if required)

Wait until it finishes working

The usage whitening strips is not that easy as you need to give it some time to work…….and time pays really. Usually you need to wait for nearly 30 minutes to remove the whitening strips. However, there are many brands taking more time so you need to read out the instructions cautiously.

Take it off

Apart from the procedure on how to apply teeth whitening strips, you will also find the specific time for strips removal on the instruction manual. Keep them till the specified time and then peel off the whitening strips. If you think that keeping them for a longer period will give you great outcome then you are totally wrong rather would cause irritation. Don’t forget to clean up your mouth by brushing or rinsing. Make sure that the gel is totally out.

Repeat the entire process

Teeth whitening strips do their job over the time with gradual exposure to chemicals that are dependable for the process. So, you will have to repeat the entire process to see much difference in your teeth now and then. Now, when you know how to apply teeth whitening strips then repeating won’t be much a problem. To see the best results:

  • Try out for nearly 30 minutes two times regularly
  • Minimal usage recommendation is 14 days
  • Expected time of good result is nearly 4 months

Just follow the tips and your instruction manual about how to apply teeth whitening strips and get good outcome sooner.

Review On Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips Dental Whitening Kit, 20 Treatments:

Crest 3D Whitestrips will whiten your teeth at professional level. The best part is they can remove stains on your teeth for 14 years and give you a healthy white smile. On other words, they function a teeth stain remover. You can view much whiter smile post three days of its usage and complete result in twenty days.

They come with a “no-slip grip” which further implies that the strips remain in your teeth till you remove them off. But never mind as they will let you talk and drink water while sticking to their job i.e. teeth whitening. The unique “FlexFit” technique let these strips stretch and cover more than thirty percent of your brilliant smile. So, you can earn professional level smiling without the price tag showing professional on it.

Cool Features Of Crest 3D Whitestrips – A Glance:

These whitestrips come with the following cool features:

  • It gives you professional level whitening outcome
  • No-slip grip technology to allow you talk & drink water along with whitening your teeth
  • Use once for nearly thirty minutes on regular basis
  • Removes stains of 14 years and gives you a brilliant smile ever

So, what are you waiting for?

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