Colgate has launched a new product for whiter teeth:

Colgate Max White Expert White toothbrush with 5ml whitening pen

This is a special toothbrush with an integrated whitening pen. This whitening pen contains, among other things, hydrogen peroxide and is supposed to make the teeth up to 3 tones brighter in just 3 weeks, just like bleaching.

That sounds great. But can the Colgate Whitening Pen really make teeth whiter? Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients of the Colgate Whitening Pen.

Colgate Whitening Pen Ingredients

DIMETHIKONE : suppresses the formation of foam
PETROLATUM : is pure petrolatum, which makes the consistency of the product supple
PVP : supports emulsion formation and improves shelf life
TRIMETHYLSILOXYSILICATE : silicone which also has a foam reducing effect
SODIUM SACCHARIN : reduces or inhibits the basic odor
CETYLPYRIDINIUM CHLORIDE : Used in oral hygiene for cleaning and deodorization
HYDROGEN PEROXIDE : Hydrogen peroxide. The substance reacts with the tooth substance and breaks the dye molecules in two: the yellow dentin appears white.

The main ingredient, which is supposed to make the teeth brighter, is hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is really an excellent bleaching agent and is even used by dentists for professional bleaching.

But why did Colgate Whitening not produce any effects on me?
Colgate Whitening pen: My personal experience

I have tested the Colgate Whitening pen and unfortunately could not notice any changes regarding the color of my teeth.

Many users have had the same experience as me with the Colgate Whitening Pen.

The reason :

Colgate Whitening Pen contains only 0.1% hydrogen peroxide. This amount is definitely too small to lead to whitening of the teeth.

This is exactlythe problem :

In July 2012, a new regulation amending the cosmetics regulation came into force. It regulated that teeth whitening products and bleaching agents, which have a concentration between 0.1% and 6% H202 (hydrogen peroxide), may only be supplied to dentists.

All effective bleaching products thus disappeared from supermarket shelves. For a long time, almost no home bleaching products were available, because such a low concentration as hydrogen peroxide no longer allowed whitening of the teeth, which you have surely noticed.

Only in the USA you can still buy highly concentrated homebleaching products in drugstores, with such a high hydrogen peroxide concentration, with which you can achieve results like a professional bleaching by a dentist.

However, these products also have side effects. Many users complain of severe tooth pain. So there is a reason why such products are no longer available in normal stores in EU and may only be used by dentists.

Colgate Whitening Pen – The alternative

However, there is a whitening pen from the USA that is highly effective and uses a bleaching agent other than hydrogen peroxide. The Superwhite Whitening Pen. I tested it myself and was thrilled.