How to apply teeth whitening pen

For the last two decades the demand for teeth whitening system steadily increasing as majority of people are applying teeth whiteners for having a set of sparkling teeth. Whether you are in business or doing jobs or in any other professing, a face with bright smile can play havoc in creating the first impression and also for building trust and confidence. But this rarely comes naturally as we often indulge in smoking and drinking too much of red wine and coffee. So, the need of the hour is to clean your teeth using gel pens and for this you must know how to apply teeth whitening pen for improving your personality.

Read on the following tips on how to apply teeth whitening pen for making teeth whiter.

Among the different ways of making teeth brighter the teeth whitening pen delivers quick and immediate results. These are small, thin tubes made of plastic containing the whitening gel with tip for application on the teeth. The main ingredient of these is hydrogen peroxide. These portable pens can be applied easily. Other than using it regularly for making your teeth pearl white, these pens offer the best solution in case you are in need of a last minute patch up to make your smile bright.

Using these pens is very easy and simple. These pens work well on clean and dry teeth and therefore, the first step of how to apply teeth whitening pen is to brush and floss the teeth before you apply the whitening gel for making your teeth brighter. After rinsing your mouth you have to make your teeth completely dry by dabbing with soft towel or tissue just before using the pen. Get your whitening pen, remove the cap and give it a twist to release some gel on the applicator. Now, stand in front of mirror and paint your entire set of teeth with the gel taking care that you do not apply it on your gum line. Following the same process you can also paint the back of your teeth for making that whiter. Keep your mouth open for half a minute to one minute to let the whitening gel cure. Your touch up is complete now. However, avoid eating or drinking anything for about 30 to 45 minutes for getting the best whitening result. Repeat the process twice a day for one week. Better to apply the whitening teeth in the morning and again at night before going to bed.

How to apply teeth whitening pen for a giving finishing touch?

Other than the professional dental cleaning in a dentist’s chamber, there are many at-home self whitening systems that save much on cost and time but deliver professional results. Among the DIY teeth whitening systems, using whitening gel in combination with the mouth trays came first. In spite of being effective, the process of application of this was cumbersome and time taking. Next, the whitening strips came in the market as a developed self teeth whitening kit that avoided hassles in application and saved much time. The most advance whitening system that whitens your teeth instantaneously is the whitening pen. Nothing can beat this when you want have some last minute touch up of your teeth for an urgent meeting or so. For application remove the cap and click the pen for releasing the gel on the applicator. Paint your teeth carefully avoiding the gum line and you are ready with a glowing smile.

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There is a plethora of substances that claim to make your teeth pearl white after using for some period. While considering a suitable pen for whitening teeth and the different ways of how to apply teeth whitening pen, the Dazzling White Instant Teeth Whitening Pen cannot be left behind. As claimed by the manufacturer, this teeth whitening product make your teeth 4 shades whiter, if you apply it two times a day for one week. Moreover, there is an offer of free shipping and these make the product the cheapest of its clan. The main ingredient of this whitening pen is Hydrogen Peroxide, used in a concentration of 6%. This has very good bleaching properties and that is why the pen is very effective. The gel requires less contact time and, thus, you also save on time. In view of the low peroxide concentration, the chance of having sensitive teeth after using the pen is very rare. This at-home whitening preparation is very convenient to apply and is worth buying.

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